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Deco Relief Concentrated Food Flavoring - Bergamot - 125ML

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The raspberry concentrated food flavoring will give an intense raspberry taste and fragrance to all your preparations: pastries, desserts, mousse, macarons,...

Tested and approved by many French starred chefs, the “Déco’Relief” raspberry concentrated food flavoring is a major ingredient for all your pastries and preparations.

The liquid food flavorings allow you to save time and obtain a regular taste and aroma in all your recipes. The formula of our concentrated food flavorings is not on a sugar/water base: you don’t have to adjust the quantity of sugar of your recipes and it doesn’t change the taste of your preparations.

Our liquid food flavorings are highly concentrated: few drops of food flavoring are sufficient to flavor your preparations.

Packaging: Dropper bottle for an easy and precise dosing of the quantity of concentrated food flavoring. Opaque and airtight bottle containing 125 ml.

Description of the flavoring: Fruity and greedy.

Using advice: We advise you use this raspberry concentrated food flavoring to add flavor and taste to the raspberry naturally present in your preparations. The Déco’Relief liquid food flavorings are ideal for confectionary, ganache, chocolate, macarons, desserts, ice-creams, enhancing aromas of your mousse.

Ingredients: Monopropylene glycol (97%), flavouring substances.

Storage: Store your bottle of liquid food flavouring properly closed, in a dry place, away from light and heat.

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